Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any invoices that I cannot pay at Bill Kill?

Bill Kill generally accepts all payees who have a Norwegian bank or eFaktura/Autogiro account.

However, invoices with the following content or recipients cannot be paid in Bill Kill:

  • Private individuals or private accounts
  • Invoices from credit card issuers (can use debet card)
  • Debt collection cases or invoices from Debt collection company
  • The bailiff
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Bank / Financial institution
  • Currency exchange
  • Casino and Gambling
  • Arms dealer
  • Pornography

Additional terms for payments with a Amex card:
We recommend that an unusually high payment amount be approved in advance by Amex. 

Additional recipients is not possible to make a payment when: 

  • Payments to own Company which is defined as; "payment to a company where the payer is a signatory, CEO or board member of the company that receives the payment"
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How the app works

To become Master Bill Kill 

Please follow the instructions below:


Are you already a Master Bill Kill?

The terms that are worth noting: 

  • If you do not want to be an MBK anymore, you must actively cancel by turning off automatic renewal in the app. If not, you agree that you will be an MBK and will be deducted for the subscription. 
  • You can use all types of cards from VISA, Mastercard and Amex
  • You can earn ZEN points that you can use to repay invoices in the future  (more about ZEN points will come in later phase)


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


Where is my eFaktura? The top three Q

1. Once you have been identified with BankID and accept receipt of the eFaktura at Bill Kill (during the registration process), you will automatically see all your unprocessed eFaktura in the app.

By "unprocessed" we mean invoices that haven't been approved for payment, changed, deleted or canceled from your online bank.
As Bill Kill is dynamic with the banks, an eFaktura you process in Bill Kill will disappear from other online bank platforms and vice versa.
The same applies if you have several bank customer relationships.

2. If you managed to skip the approval of the e-invoice during the registration process, you can do the same by going to Profile - eFaktura(under settings) - ✔️Receive eFaktura.

3. Very rarely you might experience that your eFaktura-alias is in use by someone else, preferably someone in your family or from your household. Then you must contact your bank and change your eFaktura alias which is your email address to be able to use Bill Kill with eFaktura.