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Do you have refunds on Bill Kills account?

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We find that electricity companies, insurance companies and other invoice issuers, sometimes refund directly to us, on account number 1503 8278 999, and not to you as the rightful owner of the refund. 
This may apply, for example, to electricity subsidies that you are owed. 

Bill Kill, of course, wants the money to end up with the rightful owner and therefore encourages everyone to check where the refund has been paid to.

 If this applies to you, send the following information to
-copy of credit note
-an account number you want the money to be transferred to

We will check if we have received the refund and transfer the amount to you.

 We also encourage you to contact your invoice issuers,
and tell them which account number you wish to receive future refunds to.


Do you have to pay tax arrears this year?

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Opening your tax return isn't always fun. But did you know that you can pay your tax arrears and advance tax in Bill Kill with your favourite card?

We can't help you catch up on your taxes, but we can make paying them more fun by allowing you to earn card benefits at the same time.

Don't miss out on this opportunity this year! 💰💰💰


Travelling or staying at home?

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Whether you're going to the cabin in the mountains, to your mother-in-law in Tønsberg, travelling abroad or staying home, we're always with you. 

Remember to approve your invoices in good time BEFORE Wednesday 27 March 2014. It is recommended to add three working days when paying by card.

Please note that remittance and payment to recipients will be suspended between Wednesday 27 March 24 at 14:30 and Tuesday 2 April 24.

Don't forget to tick the eInvoice receipt box in the Bill Kill app so you don't miss a payment deadline or an opportunity to earn points.

We're here for you if you need us this Easter.
Get in touch at


Bill Kill chose Criipto

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Criipto has written a case on our customer story, and how we are able to cut costs and at the same time maintain efficient and safe onboarding for our users.


Read the whole case her,


Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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Use the discount code 1MBK and be a Master Bill Kill for one month for free!

The discount code can be used on both 1, 6 and 12 month subscriptions and is only valid for those who have not been Master Bill Kill before. In addition to a free month, you will also be awarded Zen Basic Points and Extra Points when you sign up for a new subscription, and earn Extra Points when you pay invoices. 

Grab your chance today, the code is only valid for a limited time!

The code is valid until 14.02.2024

Greetings, Master!


Bill Kill has switched card acquirer

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If you have an Amex card registered with PayEx in the app, we will now ask you to re-register the card with Bambora.

How to switch?

Go to profile and "payment methods" and see if the card says Bambora or PayEx. If it says Bambora, you don't need to do anything.

If it says PayEx behind your Amex card, delete it and click "Add Amex with Bambora".  Once this is done, remember to set your favourite card as your main card, so that it remains as default on all your future invoices.

Also, remember to check that the correct card is chosen for already approved payments.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


We're here for you this Christmas too!

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Bill KIll Support is of course available during the Christmas period. If you have any questions, please contact us at

We would like to point out that remittance of transactions only takes place on business days during the Christmas period, so make sure to approve invoices well in advance of the due date.

We really appreciate your commitment and loyalty. Bill Kill is user-driven and we therefore rely on your input.


Need gift ideas for friends and family?

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Give a gift voucher that's meaningful and long-lasting. You can give a gift voucher for 6 months MBK, 12 months MBK or xxx number of Extra Points. Here you can both give something useful to someone you love and at the same time,  give them an opportunity to save for next summer's holiday or another dream trip. It's also extra beneficial that you can combine the gift card with the referral prize if the recipient is not already an MBK, and give them a happy start with Zen Extra Points. 


1. Pay the desired amount (e.g. NOK 1000,-) from the Bill Kill app/online bank to Bill Kill AS. 

2. Take a screenshot in the app when the payment is under "completed assignment", and send it to with the name and email address of the person who will receive the gift card. 

3. A digital gift card with a personalised code will be sent to the recipient on your behalf on the requested date. You will receive a copy. 

If you pay for the gift card with Amex or Strawberry Mastercard in Bill Kill, you also get all the card benefits.


Enlistment campaign until 2023!

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Now you have an opportunity to earn even more Zen, so you can get even more out of your payment transactions. The MBK promotion runs until the New Year. 
The more Extra Points you earn, the more you save in transaction fees! 🤑

The promotion is only valid for Master Bill Kill'ers who refer a Master Bill Kill'er.

 Get 30,000 Extra Points and 30,000 Basic Points until 2023!

Refer as many as they want so you can cover your transaction fees in Bill Kill!