What is Zen?

Zen is Bill Kill's own rewards system. Zen consists of two point groups;
Basic points and Extra points.

Basic points can be earned by Ninja and Master Bill Kill, and are counted towards the status and belt level. Extra points are reserved for Master Bill Kill, and can only be earned and used by those with an active subscription. Extra points can be used to pay payment fees in a payment transaction.
As a user, you can earn Zen points by performing various actions in the app, such as paying an invoice by the due date, recruiting a friend or signing a Master Bill Kill subscription. A final list will be published later.

Under "Ninja Power", you'll see all your Basic Points and Extra Points, as well as your consumption history of Zen at all times.  Be an active user and reduce your fees. By paying your invoices wisely and getting most out of your payment transactions, you will save time and money.  
Let the game begin! 

Feel free to contact support@billkill.no if you have any further questions.


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How can I earn Extra points?

You can earn Extra points by e.g. pay your invoices by the due date, recruit a friend/be recruited, signing a subscription or be upgraded in belt level.

How much are Extra points worth in NOK?

1000 Extra points = NOK 1
Please note that changes may occur after the beta.

What is the difference between Basic Points and Extra Points?

Basic points can be earned by Ninja and Master Bill Kill, they count towards status and belt level. We are working on more belt benefits that will be launched later.

What happens to my Extra points when I cancel an MBK-subscription?

Extra points are reserved for Master Bill Kill'ers only. You'll therefore lose the remaining Extra points one month after the end of your MBK subscription, unless you subscribe again before the month has passed.

Where can I see how many Zen points I have available?

Go to "Ninja Power" or "My Zen points" from Profile, then you'll see an overview of all your Basic Points and Extra Points in the history. Please note that only completed actions will appear in the history. In other words, if you have approved an invoice, you will see your points once the amount has been remitted to the recipient.

I have referred a friend, but cannot see that I have received the referral reward. What can I do?

The following will happen, based on whether the person you recruit will signup for a subscription or not, and whether you are a Ninja or Master Bill Kill.

Ninja recruits Ninja:
Basic points will be rewarded after 14 days of membership
Ninja recruits MBK:
Zen points are rewarded after the cancellation period is over in 14 days
MBK recruits Ninja:
Zen points will be rewarded after 14 days of membership
MBK recruits MBK:
Zen points are rewarded after the cancellation period is over in 14 days

We would like to point out that abuse of the recruitment system can lead to the closure of the account and the withdrawal of Zen points.

I'm missing Zen points from actions I've completed, what do I do?

If an action has been completed and you do not find earned Zen points in the history, contact support@billkill.no when three months have passed after the complited task. 

I've re-referred a friend but can't see that I've earned Zen points. What can I do?

It's required that the friend you have recruited has not been MBK/Ninja in the last 6 months to be able to acquire the recruitment bonus.

I have a referral code and a discount code too, can I combine these in the same transaction?

No, it is not possible to combine both codes at the same time. You must choose one. They can be used one after the other, but only when 6 months have passed since you were MBK last time.

I have extra points. Why can't I use my bonus points to cover the fees?

There could be several reasons for that.

You do not have enough extra points.

You have canceled your Master Bill Kill subscription. You can see your extra points until they are deleted, 1 month. after you have canceled the subscription menu, but you cannot use them until you possibly take out a subscription again.

You are in a grace period, which means that the points you have earned are "pending", but have not been credited to you yet. It may be that the invoice you earned points by approving has not yet been remitted, or that the person you recruited has not yet signed up as a Master Bill Kill.


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