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Get your digital invoices automatically. Pay invoices with credit cards, have flexibility, and get the best rewards! 
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Invoice Transactions 

+ 63,5 MNOK

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B2C invoices

+ 210 000

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+ 18 500

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An app that motivates
healthy behavior

Bill Kill was created to make your financial life better and get the most out of your payment transactions. 

An average consumer spends over 60% of their monthly income on invoice payments. This is a large untapped resource of payment transactions, which you as a consumer can take advantage of.

Using your credit card for unnecessary purchases can often
lead to increased consumer debt. Instead, get credit card benefits
when you pay for essential expenses, allowing you to manage your finances more effectively.



Trying to earn credit card benefits should not bankrupt you. The Bill Kill app’s built-in reward system allows you to pay regular bills while earning credit card points, helping you save
even more money!

ALWAYS pay your credit cards off in full every month. You can do that with a debit card in Bill Kill, and maintain your credit limit. Paying interest completely negates the benefits of points and miles. 
Responsible credit card use is good for your credit score. 

Why Bill Kill? - Smart, trustworthy and safe

Maximize the potential!

Pay invoices with your favorite credit card to earn rewards and points, giving you financial flexibility by doing what you already need to do—paying your bills. Why not take advantage of being financially smart?

Collect and earn Eurobonus!

Earn Eurobonus, Companion tickets and other credit card benefits faster by paying your invoices. You can also save and use your Eurobonus to buy flight tickets for the next summer vacation, upgrade to Business or 1.class, get free access to lounges all over the world and so on. Why should you not benefit from paying your invoices?

Pay almost everything

Almost anything can be paid through the Bill Kill app as long as you have the payment information. You can pay for a Tesla or renovation materials, forexample. As long as the recipient is a verified (whitelisted) issuer, you can complete the payment.

Unexpected invoices?

Unexpected invoices are no problem when using Bill Kill. Extend payment periods with interest free days on your credit card and get more financial flexibility on your monthly expenses. Bill Kill lets you avoid small loans and expensive interests.

Usefull tools to manage

Manage your invoices with useful tools made available exclusively in our app. Ask for an installment agreement, request a deferral of payment or send a rejection directly to the Issuer. We've already written the requests and digitized the tasks for you. You need only to decide.

Overview of your credit debt

Have the total overview of your credit card debt from your Bill Kill app. Pay off before the next invoice arrives or cancel your credit card, directly from the app to the Issuer.

Customer support - Contact us!

Are you missing a feature in the BK-app or perhaps you have a question for us? 😊

We are a user-controlled company and we depend on and value your feedback.
Feel free to contact us, we are always open for your inquiry.

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Is Bill Kill safe?

Duty to Investigate

Don't worry

- We have the same high standards of security as your bank

- We are registered as a financial company and hold a payment
license from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (FSA). 

- We do not want to know your bank password or login details

- We don't share or sell your data with any 3rd. parties and your data is safe with us

We care

Sustainable development goals

Bill Kill has a strong focus on sustainable development goals and works continuously to ensure that everyone achieves healthy personal finances, regardless of social background, level of education, income and wealth.

We work actively to include everyone in financial benefits by facilitating good tools, more knowledge and inviting those who have financial challenges.

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